How To Clean A Handheld Bidet Sprayer Properly

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How To Clean A Bidet Sprayer

Everybody poops. However, not everybody might have a good wipe. If you wish there was a more efficient way of cleaning your nether regions than wiping them with tissue, it’s time you get a bidet sprayer.

A bidet sprayer, also known as a bidet hose, a handheld bidet, and a bum gum, is very hygienic. But that’s not all. It also helps you save up on your tissue consumption. While a bidet hose keeps you clean, it also requires some cleaning from time to time.

Cleaning a bidet sprayer is rather simple and easy. All you need is a brush and chemical-free cleaners.

In this post, we’ll tell you all that you need to know about cleaning the bum gum. So let’s get going.

Step-by-step instructions on cleaning a bidet sprayer

Step #1 – Get a brush

Using a cleaning brush, baking soda and water, scrub away any dirt present on the bidet’s head. If you want, you may use a toothbrush instead of a brush.

Step #2 – Soak the bidet

You will need a plastic, water, vinegar, and a rubber band. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar to create a natural cleaning solution. Pour this mixture into the plastic, soak the bidet sprayer in the mixture, and tie the plastic with the rubber band. Let the bidet sprayer stay in the plastic for eight to 10 minutes. Then, take it out and spray the bidet out for 15 to 20 seconds into your toilet. Finally, scrub away any dirt (if present) with the brush.

Step #3 – Use chemical-free cleaners

We recommend you always clean your bidet sprayer with natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, and lime.

Step #4 – Sanitize the bidet sprayer

Since a bidet sprayer is exposed to the hands of many people, your family members as well as guests, ensure you often sanitize its body using a quality sanitizer.

Well, that’s just about it on how to clean a bidet sprayer. As said earlier, this is a simple, easy job. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t clean your handheld bidet on a regular basis. And as far as using a bidet sprayer is concerned, well that’s no big deal either. Check out our how to use a bidet sprayer correctly to start using it like a pro. Furthermore, you can even easily install a bidet sprayer on your own. If you are someone who likes DIY projects, don’t forget to look at the instructions in our how to install a bidet sprayer post to learn how to set up a handheld bidet.