How To Use A Bidet Sprayer Correctly?

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How To Use A Bidet Sprayer Correctly

While the bidet sprayer is the most popular type of bidet, first-time users may find using it a little unusual. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll take you through the complete steps on how to use a bidet sprayer, which many affectionately refer to as a ‘bum gum’. Other popular names for it are the bidet shower, bidet hose, health faucet, handheld bidet, or shattaf.

Call it by whichever name you want, the fact of the matter is the bidet sprayer is a great solution for many issues ‘down under.’ It is less cruel to your backside and doesn’t hurt the environment. In case you’ve not bought a bidet yet, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose a bidet toilet seat.

Using a bidet sprayer is actually simple and easy. Think of a bidet sprayer as similar to a water gun or a showerhead. You need to first brace, then aim, and finally spray!

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • What is a bidet sprayer?
  • How to use a bidet sprayer?
    • Flush your toilet
    • Locate the bidet sprayer
    • Turn on the T-Value
    • Aim the bidet sprayer
    • Pull the sprayer trigger
    • Dry off
    • Switch off the water supply

What is a bidet sprayer?

A bidet sprayer is a type of bidet that you can hand held and control for cleaning the backside and the front. You can also use it for other purposes. For instance, a bidet hose can come in real handy when you want to give your pet a rinse after a trip to the beach. You can also double it up as a diaper cleaner during the postpartum period. To use a hand-held bidet, you’ll have to do the bulk of work, like aiming, positioning, and controlling the water flow.

A bidet sprayer has the following three parts:

  • The T-valve (also known as the shutoff)
  • The hose
  • The spray head

Since a bidet sprayer is almost always powered by water, there’s no need to worry about expensive or electrical wiring. If you’re wondering about how to install a bidet sprayer (Please link this to “how to install bidet sprayer” post), relax, it’s no big deal. If you can assemble flat pack furniture, you will have no problem installing a bidet hose.  

How to use a bidet sprayer?

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use a bidet hose.

Step #1 – Flush the toilet

If you’re a first-time user, you may be wondering, “How do I use a bidet sprayer without making a mess?” (Please link this to “how do I use a bidet sprayer without making a mess” post). Well, the answer is simple: flush the toilet first.


With a hand-held bidet, you need to control the water flow yourself. If you’ve not used it before, you may accidently spray the water with full force in the toilet bowl with your feces in it. As a result, the feces may get splashed on your bum.

While the chances of an accident like this happening are low, there’s no harm in taking the extra precaution of flushing the toilet first.

Step#2 – Locate the bidet sprayer

The bidet spray is usually hung on a holder or hooker placed near the toilet tank. So you should be easily able to locate in. If the bidet hose is placed on the floor, that’s surely a misplacement. All the same, it’s still safe to use as the hose won’t be touching your backside. However, we recommend you to first spray a little in the toilet bowl to remove any contaminants on the nozzle (if present).

Step#3 – Turn on the T-value

All bidets have a T-value, which prevents water from weighing up inside the pipe when the spray isn’t being used. You need to switch the T-value on before you can use the spray for cleaning. The T-value is located under the flush tank or toilet tank.

Step#4 – Aim the bidet sprayer

Next, sit in a comfortable position. Instead of hovering around, sit just like you would when you are using the toilet. You can start cleaning either from the backside or the front. It’s all up to you, since the bidet hose allows you to handle things the way you want to.

With that said, females may want to angle the spray from front to back, just like they use the toilet paper. Men, on the other hand, may want to start from the backside, unless they want to wash their penis first.

The nozzle should be angled upwards. You may need a little practice to get the right angle, so don’t worry if you’re not hundred percent comfortable the first few times.

Step #5 – Pull the sprayer trigger

Press the sprayer trigger gently once you’re in a comfortable position and give yourself the perfect wash. You should avoid pulling too hard, since water may then come out with real force and splash everywhere.

Once you’ve washed thoroughly, release the trigger and place it back in its holder.

Step #6 – Dry off

Finish off the cleaning routine by drying yourself off using toilet paper. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how much of bathroom tissue you save by using a bidet. Less toilet paper is good news for both the environment and your pocket.

Step #7 – Switch off the water supply

Last but not the least, switch off the T-value after you are through with the bidet hose.


Well, there’s a very good reason for doing so. If you forget to switch off the T-value on a regular basis, the buildup of water pressure on the sprayer will eventually wear down the valve. In short, your bidet is likely to start leaking a lot earlier than usual.  

Well, that’s it from our side on how to use a bidet sprayer. We will round off this post by answering some common questions readers frequently ask about the bidet sprayer. And in case you want to know how to pick the right bidet sprayer, don’t forget to check out our best bidet sprayer guide. (Please link this to “best bidet” post).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I wash with my hands when I use a bidet sprayer?

Some people may think washing their bums or genitals with only the bidet won’t be sufficient, but that’s not the case. The bidet can clean your body parts perfectly without any help from your hands. But if you prefer using your hands, go ahead and do that. There’s no hard and fast rule here. However, thoroughly clean your hands before and after.

  • How much electricity does a handheld bidet consume?

The answer is none. You only need to connect the bidet to your toilet water supply, since this type of a bidet doesn’t use any electricity.

  • Do I need to use soap with a bidet?

Typically, soap is not used with a bidet. However, the decision is entirely up to you.

  • Who can use a bidet sprayer?

The answer is anyone who uses a toilet without supervision. So if your child has started using the bathroom independently, then he or she can safely use a bidet hose.