TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer Review

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TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer Review

Handheld bidet sprayers are slowly but surely gaining popularity in the western countries. More than anything else, they’re a hygienic and convenient way to wash your nether regions after using the toilet.

But the most important question is — Which bidet sprayer should you bring home?

There are innumerable bidet sprayers in the market, and separating better one from those run-of-the-mill products can prove a bit difficult. But there’s no need for you to worry, because you can count on our help.

One handheld bidet sprayer that has been literally flying off the shelf since its introduction is the TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer. In this post, we’ll look at this product in detail to help you decide if this is the one for your family.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer Review

  • We’ll start by listing the key features and benefits
  • Then, we’ll mention its drawbacks to give you a complete picture
  • Next, we’ll share information about the TrustMi company
  • Finally, we’ll round up the review with some independent and verified customers’ reviews to help you make an informed decision

So let’s get rolling.

Features and Benefits of TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer

  • Ergonomic stainless steel hand sprayer
  • Warm and cold water function
  • Two flow patterns
  • Build to last a long time
  • Comes with all accessories for installation
  • Lightweight: 2.43 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 9 x 6.7 x 3.8 inches

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Special Features (Pros) of TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer

Warm Water Function. Washing your nether regions with cold water in winter is nobody’s idea of fun. Thankfully, this bidet sprayer takes that problem out of the equation. Unlike your average bidet sprayer, it comes with a warm water function for all those who don’t like to wash with cold water.

Two Spray Pattern. This is another feature that’s present in this product but is absent in most bidet sprayers in the market. You can switch from a softer aerated flow to a much more powerful flow according to your needs. For rinsing purposes, the former is more suitable, while the latter is recommended tougher jobs, washing your pet’s paws or cleaning a cloth diaper.

Comes in Four Finishes. This product is all about giving the consumer more choices. You’ve got warm and cold water functions, two spray patters, and four finishes — Black, gold, nickel, and chrome. The chrome version, however, is a little different than others in two aspects. One, it comes with a traditional thumb lever that you can use to control the water pressure. Two, it has only one spray function.

Easy to Use. The last thing you would want is to install a bidet sprayer only to find it doesn’t work equally well for every family member. Well, with this product, you can rest easy. Its ergonomic design, sufficiently long hose, and fully adjustable spray ensure everyone in the house, including older adults, will be able to use it seamlessly.

Drawbacks (Cons) for TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer

Harder to Retrofit. Installing this product in a new construction is not a problem at all. However, retrofitting it can prove to a different ball game altogether. Since it requires both cold and hot connections, it is not like one of those bidet sprayers that you can simply screw into the toilet water line. But we guess, no pain no gain.

Wall Mount Only. You can’t install this bidet sprayer on the toilet, but we don’t think this would be a big deal for most people.

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TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer Reviews

Before you buy a product, always check out its key features and advantages. But they are not the only things you should look at. Also, peruse independent reviews and customers’ feedback — and that’s where this section of the review comes in. We’ll share a few authentic online reviews about the TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer that we came across to help you gather a true idea about its quality and usefulness before parting with your money. 

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

Bidet Guru

This review website bills TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer as a great addition to your toilet routine, particularly if the sink is too far away. Unlike many handheld bidet sprayers, it provides both hot and cold water, comes in different finishes, and provides two spray patterns. This product is a perfect for all those who don’t like to always wash with cold water. Read More

Yuzu Mag

According to this review website, the main USP of the TrustMi bidet sprayer is its warm water function, making it a must-have for all bidet lovers who want to enjoy warm water function without spending hundreds of dollars on installing an advanced bidet seat. Controlling the flow of water is easy. There’s an on/off button for that purpose. Plus, every time you use this bidet sprayer, you can pick a spray patter according to your needs — a softer aerated flow for rinsing and a powerful flow for tougher jobs like cleaning a cloth diaper. Read More

What Amazon Customers Have to Say about TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer

One verified purchaser has termed this product “the best hot and cold bidet”. He loves the fact that now he can wash using hot water when it’s too cold, plus the fact that fitting the bidet sprayer in a new construction was a breeze. One can set it up without calling a plumber or messing with any walls.

Another verified Amazon purchaser calls this bidet sprayer “a great bang for the buck”. According to her, the hot and cold feature of this sprayer is simply amazing, and so are its looks. He, too, found the installation pretty straightforward, and all you need to get the job done are some basic tools. Another thing that thrilled this user was the fact that there were no leaks, which is a common problem with run-of-the-mill bidet hoses.

Another reviewer mentions that this bidet sprayer boasts modern looks and a great finish. Reasonable pricing, hot and cold features, two jet spray patterns, and easy installation are just of the other things this user likes about the TrustMi bidet sprayer.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a handheld bidet sprayer that offers both warm and cold water functions but doesn’t cost a fortune, the TrustMi Hot and Cold Bidet Sprayer might just be the one with you. And you get to enjoy two spray patterns and can choose from four spray patterns.

Read our complete sprayer buying guide here, for the 7 best handheld bidet sprayers.

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