Joyway Bidet Sprayer Review

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Joyway Bidet Sprayer Review

There are a number of bidet sprayers available in the market. But that raises an interesting problem — among the sea of bidet sprayers available how do you pick the one that’s right for you? 

Honestly, the best way to go about the “whole shopping for my first bidet sprayer” thing is to first understand your needs and budget. For instance, do you require a bidet with a warm function (Remember, such bidets may cost a pretty penny)? Do you want a bidet sprayer that also doubles up as a cloth diaper cleaner? Is it important for you that the selected product should be backed by a warranty?

Once you’ve zeroed in on your requirements, it’s time to look for products in your price range. One product that’s not pricey but has a quality feel about it is Joyway Bidet Sprayer. In this post, we’ll discuss it in detail to help you understand if it is right for you.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in Joyway Bidet Sprayer Review

  • We’ll start by listing the key features and benefits
  • Then, we’ll list its drawbacks to give you a true picture
  • Next, we’ll share key information about the Joyway company
  • Finally, we’ll round up the review with some independent and verified customers’ reviews to help you make an educated decision

So let’s get rolling.

Features and Benefits of Joyway Bidet Sprayer

  • Top premium brass t-valve
  • Ergonomically designed spray head for targeted spray
  • Stainless steel sprayer head
  • Build to last a long time
  • Comes with all accessories for installation
  • Lightweight: 1.5 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches

Special Features (Pros) of Joyway Bidet Sprayer

Easy to Install. Whether you’ve a new or old setup, you will find the installation process a breeze. All you need is a wrench and few minutes at hand.

Angled Spray Head. This bidet sprayer features an angled spray head for easy spraying. It also has seven closely packed spray holes that ensure precision spraying. This user-friendly design makes sure you are able to spray exactly where you need to without getting anything else wet.

Multipurpose. The Joyway Bidet Sprayer is more than just a sprayer for cleaning the nether regions. It also lets you effectively rinse cloth diapers and wash pets.

Quality Build. Having a bidet sprayer that leaks is nobody’s idea of fun. Thankfully, with the Joyway Bidet Sprayer, you won’t have to worry about leaking. Its brass valve is made with ceramic disks for better leak proofing.

100% Money-back Guarantee. If the product doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it and get all your money back. The Joyway Bidet Sprayer is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee (no questions asked).

Drawbacks (Cons) for Joyway Bidet Sprayer

No Warm Water Function. With the Joyway Bidet Sprayer, you can only wash with cold water.

One Spray Pattern. You get only one spray pattern with this product. That said, the good part is that the ergonomic design of its spray head gives you a targeted spray and you can easily control the pressure of the flow manually using the lever.

About the Joyway Company

We’re not able to locate any information about the Joyway Company itself. We researched for it online, but couldn’t find it’s official website or even an official Facebook page.

Joyway Bidet Sprayer Reviews

It goes without saying that you must check out a product’s key features and benefits before buying it. However, that’s not all you should be looking at. Also, look at independent reviews and customers’ feedback — and this is where this section comes it. It helps you gather a true idea about this product by showing what online review websites and real Amazon users say about it.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

Bidet Judge

This review website bills Joyway Bidet Sprayer as a great addition to your toilet routine. Unlike many handheld bidet sprayers, its handle doesn’t require a lot of force. Rather, a gentle force activates the water. This sprayer is made from very high-quality stainless steel that hast been treated for corrosion and rust. Read More

Yuzu Mag

According to this website, the Joyway Bidet Sprayer comes with an angled spray head, which facilitates easy aiming and precision spraying. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can comfortably spray where you need to without wetting anything else. For this reason, this review site rates this product as one of the best around for rinsing cloth diapers. Read More…

What Amazon Customers Have to Say about the Joe Way Bidet Sprayer

 A verified purchaser states this bidet sprayer completely fixes that “not so fresh feeling” you get after pooping. He reveals the installation was a breeze — requiring no more than 5 minutes and just a crescent wrench and screw driver. It’s also easy to control the water pressure as per your liking. The fact that is a multipurpose sprayer was like the icing on the cake for him. Apart from using it for cleaning your private parts, you can use it as a cloth diaper sprayer and a toilet cleaner.

Another reviewer loved the following aspects of the Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer. One, it was easy to install; he was able to set it up with a small, adjustable pipe wrench only. Two, it has a very convenient hanging point on the flush tank. Three, the instructions that came with packaging are simple and easy to follow and, most importantly, help prolong the product’s life.

Another verified buyer calls this sprayer “a great value for money.” She was pleasantly surprised how easy to maneuver this product is, as well as its quality parts. Easy installation, no leakage, and a great price are some of the other things she was impressed with.

Bottom Line

The Joyway Bidet Sprayer has much going for it. It’s reasonably priced and sturdily built. Plus, it offers an angled spray head for easy aiming and seven closely-packed spray holes for precision spraying. Thanks to its design and fully-adjustable head spray, everyone in the house can comfortably use it for cleaning the nether regions. It also doubles up as an effective cloth diaper sprayer. All in all, it is a strong product within its price range.

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