The 7 Best Bidet Sprayers – Plus A Buying Guide

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Best Bidet Sprayer – A Buying Guide

Bidet sprayers are slowly but surely gaining popularity in the western countries.

They offer a hygienic and convenient way to clean your nether regions and help you save money (you no longer will have to stash rolls of tissue paper). Plus, they could be used for multiple other things, like cleaning your pet after a walk on the beach.

Continue reading to find out the best bidet sprayers in 2021 and the factors you should consider when shopping for a handheld bidet.

High-quality materialsJust a single spray pattern
Lifetime warranty 

If you’re looking for a budget handheld bidet, this product might right be up your alley. However, the Purrfectzone sprayer didn’t get to the top our list on affordability alone. It also packs quite a punch when it comes to quality.

This hose is metal built and has nylon braided inner hose lining, which is leak proof. Plus, the bidet spray head offers a complete range of pressures, from a jet stream to a dribble. Also, controlling the thumb lever is easy-peasy, making it a suitable ‘bum gum’ for the entire family. Read our in-depth Purrfectzone Handheld Review here.

Quality constructionA bit on the pricier side
Simple to install 
Easy to control water pressure 

The best part about the Brondell bidet sprayer is its ergonomic design, which makes using it very convenient for everyone in the home. We were also impressed with its quality construction. That’s always a reassuring sign because the last thing you would want is a handheld bidet that breaks down quickly. With this product, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s build to last a long time.

Also, installing it is a cinch. The product comes with clear-cut installation instructions, and if you follow them, we’re sure you’ll be able to complete the installation process in less than five minutes.

Quality materialsA bit pricier
Two spray patterns 
Hot and cold water 

Don’t like washing with cold water? You might want to consider this sprayer from TrustMi since it includes a warm water function. 

Built with stainless steel, the TrustMi bidet hose features two kinds of spray pattern. You’ve a soft aerated flow that’s ideal for rinsing. And then there’s a precise flow that’s perfect for tougher jobs. You can start or stop the water flow at the press of a button.

TrustMi bidet is available in four different finishes: black, chrome, nickel, and gold.

The chrome finish, however, is different from others in two regards. First, it comes with a conventional thumb leaver to control the pressure instead of the valve. Two, it features only a single spray function.

Simple to installPackaging not the best
Made of stainless steel material 
Comfortable grip 

Easy Giggles bidet ‘bum gum’ is very simple to install. You don’t need any fancy tools for the job; a small, adjustable pipe wrench will do. Also, it hangs nicely on the flush tank for an easy reach.

Since the bidet sprayer is made of stainless steel, you can count on it to last a long time. The product package includes instructions for use, which tells you exactly how to use it to extract years of service. The grip is comfortable, and everyone can use it without a problem.

You can read our full Easy Giggles Sprayer review here.

Two types of spraysInstallation can take up a bit of time
Two modes — manual and automatic 
Portable bidet 

With the Abedobe bidet sprayer, you get two spray modes, manual and automatic. What’s more, you also get two spray patterns. And the best part? There’s a free portable version as well. Wherever you go, you can take the bidet sprayer with you!

When used in the automatic mode, the sprayer provides a constant stream of water. You won’t need to press the lever down for that. For this reason, this is the best bidet sprayer for elderly.

Check out our full Abedobe bidet sprayer review here.

Lifetime guaranteeSingle spray pattern
Simple to install 
Multiple style options 
Minimal packaging option 

SmarterFresh functions pretty much the same way as other bidet hoses mentioned in this list. It has a 48-inch long hose with a standard pressure lever for controlling the flow of water.

However, SmarterFresh bidet is unlike others in one aspect. It is more eco-friendly than other names, since it allows you to order with minimal packaging. That’s why we have ranked it the most eco-friendly bidet sprayer.

The product comes in three style versions: stainless steel, brass, and chrome-plated, which is slightly cheaper than the other two.

Targeted spray patternABS spray head
Push switch to allow smooth pressure control 
Ergonomic design 

This bidet sprayer has much going for it. It allows easy aiming and precision spraying. Thank to its ergonomic design, you can confidently spray exactly where you want to without worrying about splashing water elsewhere. Because of this, we’ve ranked the Joy Way bidet sprayer as the best cloth diaper sprayer. There’s also a push switch control on the spray head that allows you to quickly change the pressure of water flowing.

Considering all these great features, it comes as no surprise that surprise that this bidet’s name feature in our top rated handheld bidet sprayer list.

Handheld Bidet Buying Guide

When you are shopping for a bidet sprayer, the most important factors you need to consider are as follows:

Materials Used

Stainless steel or ABS plastic is generally used in bidet spray heads. When it comes to durability, stainless steel wins hands down. Hence, it is also a more premium option. ABS plastic spray heads, whose finish is chrome plated, may not stand up well against heavy water.

As far as the exterior of the hose is concerned, it is usually made with stainless steel. That said, more budget sprayers may use PVC. While both are quite flexible, stainless steel is sturdier. Generally, the linings use EDPM rubber. Some, however, may instead use nylon to improve longevity.


Cost is an obvious consideration, but the good news is that you can easily get a quality bidet sprayer for about $30.

Since bidet sprayers don’t require a casino robbery to afford, we recommend you to not compromise on quality. That’s because a bidet hose will save you money big time. This is a fact.

The average household in the US spends nearly $120 a year on tissue paper. Installing a bidet sprayer can cut down your toilet paper usage by a whopping 80%.

That’s an annual saving of $67. Considering that a sprayer can last several years, you can easily save many times its purchases price. But just make sure you use the bidet correctly, because that makes a huge difference. Here’s an informative post on how to use the bidet sprayer correctly that you will find useful.


You can install most (if not all) handheld bidets yourself. However, some are easier to install than others. That said, with our guide on how to install a bidet sprayer, we are sure you’ll be able to install any standard bidet sprayer within 10 minutes.

However, installing bidets that allow hot water flow can be a little tricky. But then, as they say, no pain, no gain!

Spray Pattern

Handheld bidets come in a wide range of spray patterns. While some sprayers let you switch from one spray patter to another by simply rotating the nozzle, some others don’t. Typically, the former is a better option for families as each member can select the spray patter than works best for them.


How long your bidet will last depends largely on its ability to handle high pressure. A bidet that can deal well with high pressure will not only last longer but also develop fewer problems.

Many bidets, especially those having a thumb lever, feature spring valves. While such valves work pretty well, you must turn off t-valve after cleaning every time. That’s because they are not designed to withstand strong pressure for longer periods of time.

Some bidets feature brass valves instead. Brass valves are said to handle pressure far better than spring valves and can easily last up to 15 years.


Most bidets offer a warranty, which can be as less as 1 year or as high as lifetime. Don’t forget to go through the manufacturers policy to know what all is covered in the warranty.

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