Best Bidet T-valve Connectors For Skirted Toilets

best t-valve connector

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T-Valve connectors are commonly used to splice the water source for traditional toilet plumbing into two water sources to make a bidet function properly: one part for the toilet tank and the second part for the bidet function. T-Valves are more accurately described as connectors or adapters when the t-valve itself does not shut anything on or off (as a valve would) and rather connects or adapts the flow into the two water sources. When looking for T-valve connectors, you may consider if the device has an option to turn the water flow on or off rather than relying on the main water source valve.

What are the best bidet t-valve connectors for skirted toilets? First, know that a skirted toilet is designed to be aesthetically pleasing “hiding” the piles and plumbing with a plastic “skirt” from front to back. The best bidet t-valve connectors for skirted toilets, then, will function with a skirted toilet in a few different categories: when you have more room behind the toilet to attach the t-valve connector, when you are working with a tight space and need the most compact t-valve connector, when you need a heavy-duty t-valve connector, and when you need a more affordable, compact, and stylish t-valve connector. 

In order to pick the t-valve connector that is right for you, it is important to first take a look at your toilet. From here, you will be able to judge which t-valve connector might be the best for your toilet in order to turn it into a modern bidet. Below, this article will describe a few of the best t-valve connectors for skirted toilets.

 SizeMaterialEasily Accessible Shut-Off ValveInstallation 
Hibbent7/8″ or 15/16″Metal + Rubber GasketYesTool free
FreshSpa3/8″ and 7/8″MetalNoTools required
BidetKing3/8″MetalNoTools required
KES7/8″ or 15/16″MetalYesTools required


Skirted toilets can be a bit tricky to install bidets or bidet attachments on considering the nature of the “skirted” portion blocking access. If you notice that you have a decent bit of space to work behind your toilet, however, you may choose to work with the Hibbent No Leaking Design Metal T-Valve Adapter. This device comes with several benefits, and there are some that should specifically be paid attention to. Consider these benefits of this model:

  • Tool-free installation. This device requires no tools to install as you will be able to tighten the nut by hand as described. While you may need tools to disconnect the original pipe (see guide here for instructions on how to install a t-valve), the Hibbent T-valve Adapter has a nut attached to it that can be screwed on tightly by hand. This will save you with the additional struggle of using tools to fit behind your skirted toilet, even if you do have additional space to work with.

  • Separated control lever. This device has a control lever which can be added or removed from it. The control lever will allow the t-valve adapter to assist your toilet in functioning like a bidet, or it can be switched off to function as a regular toilet.

    Now, if you are choosing to install a bidet you might wonder why this would be necessary. However, consider if there are guests in your home who may not like (or know how to use) a bidet function. You may choose to remove this control lever (or turn it on/off) at any time rather than having to disconnect the entire bidet unit. This will save a considerable amount of time and effort for any time you choose not to use the toilet as a bidet.
  • Accessible On/Off Control. While the control lever can be separated from the device, it can also be attached and navigated to a position of easy access. You will be able to adjust the on/off control to a position that is easily accessible and thus easier to use. This feature will add convenience to your new (or old) bidet by providing you the option to turn the water flow on or off by switching it over simply by hand.
  • Leak-proof design. Having a device that was designed to be leak-proof is essential when discussing bidets and toilets. Nobody wants to experience the bidet or toilet water leaking all over the bathroom floor. This device uses a rubber gasket which has the strength of a metal one with added flexibility in order to guarantee a leak-proof device. While many people question the use of a rubber gasket compared to a metal one, many users swear by its flexibility in adding an increased leak-proof component to their device.

  • Fits 15/16” and 7/8“ attachments. Traditional United States toilets are designed with a 7/8“ supply line, thus needing a connector that will match. The Hibbent T-Valve Adapter can be purchased in the dimensions appropriate for all toilets with these dimensions and has been reviewed by many customers and will not strip your threads or require the addition of plumbing tape. Be sure to check the reviews for attachment with your specific bidet, though, as some may be quite particular the millimeter difference.

FreshSpa T-Valve

If you are working with your skirted toilet and notice that you really do not have that much space to work with, you may choose the Brondell FreshSpa T-Valve. The company website has a variety of t-valve options depending on your particular needs. Here are a few of the reasons this t-valve connector may work well in tight spaces:

  • Compact part. The device itself is very small in dimensions meaning that it will not be as bulky to install as some other t-valves. This will come in handy particularly when attempting to connect the t-valve with a standard-sized wrench or another tool. Rather than twisting your hand into all sorts of positions to install the device, this device’s compact size will assist in the process of installation behind a skirted toilet.

  • Fits most standard toilets. This device was made in the United States (California) which is particularly beneficial for American bidet installers and can still be useful for bidet users outside of the United States as well. This metal t-valve connector was made to fit most standard bidets and toileting pipes and can be purchased in the traditional 7/8“ size (which fits most American toilets). Additionally, a 3/8“ cold water t-valve connector is available as well.

  • Cold water and hot water attachments available. While you may only be looking for an attachment for one use, it is important to know that this company offers a variety of t-valve connectors and similar products. This will be useful for you in the case of future installations with other needs as you will have already experienced the installation with this product and know what you are looking for and how to use a similar product.

  • Easy installation. Due to its compact size, it is likely that you will not need to hire a plumber to install the t-valve connector and transform your toilet into a bidet. Considering that this part is relatively inexpensive to begin with, this will help you to keep costs low and to soon experience the pleasure of the bidet experience. Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their entire afternoon installing a t-valve connector to make their bidet function properly. Let’s get to the refreshing part of using a bidet!

Bidet King T-Valve

Installing a t-valve connector is not a project that most people want to spend exuberant amounts of time or other resources. Further, most people do not want to have this project be one that occurs repeatedly or even more than once. In order to prevent having to replace your t-valve connector (or replace it again if that is why you are reading this article), you may want to choose a heavy-duty t-valve connector option in the first place.

The BidetKing T-Valve for skirted toilets will keep your toilet looking modern and sleek while also providing you the option to install a bidet. Here are a few other benefits to this product:

  • Free lifetime support and 12-month return. There are few offers that compare to the assurance of lifetime support and product guarantees. The BidetKing company not only ensures consumers of quality products but also permits returns and support.

    Lifetime support means that this company can be contacted for questions related to customer service (and can even mean technical support along the way during the installation process). These guarantees provide the consumer with the confidence in product satisfaction.

  • Attaches to 3/8“ shut off valve. Rather than having to connect this device to the toilet itself, you may connect this t-valve to the shut off valve at the wall. This alone will provide you with the opportunity to use your bidet when you please and to shut it off when you are not interested in using it. You will simply shut it off at the wall rather than at the fill valve of the toilet itself. Have children around? You will not have to worry about them overflowing the bidet by simply turning the device back into a traditional toilet.

  • Fits most standard toilets. This product is also distributed from California which is beneficial to American users as well as those interested in bidets outside of the United States as well. This product installation works particularly for the dimensions of cold water supply found in most American homes. Not only will this make the part easier to install, but it will make your overall experience more convenient.

  • Quality material. This device is metal which ensures a decreased likelihood of bending and breaking (which could cause a variety of other concerns). This device will require tools for installation (so be sure to have a wrench or other appropriate tool available) but will ensure long-lasting results. You will want to make sure that you know how to adjust to the spacing with your toilet if that is limited, but this device will likely not have to be reinstalled due to its quality material preventing wear and tear.

*According to the company website, the BidetKing T-valve is not recommended for TOTO devices due to the design of the hose.

KES Solid Brass T-Valve

Many people who own skirted toilets appreciate their sleek and modern appearance as one of the top qualities of the product. To maintain this appealing aesthetic, it is likely that this type of toilet user would also want a t-valve connector that offers a stylish appearance.

The KES Solid Brass T-valve is a product that offers a sleek chrome appearance as well as an affordable price tag. Here are a few other reasons that people enjoy this model:

  • Bidet locking feature. This valve comes with a unique feature: it can be locked so that the bidet cannot be turned on accidentally. This feature is a game-changer for households with children who may not quite understand that a bidet is for “business” rather than play.

    Further, this feature is ideal for anyone who may have guests as well, or who may just not like the surprise spray. The user can rotate the knob to experience the pleasantness of a bidet experience, or he/she can choose to turn it off and opt-out with ease.

  • Value for an affordable price. The KES Solid brass t-valve is a quality part made of quality material. However, the quality does not necessarily come with a large price tag in this scenario. This t-valve connector is on the lower end of the upfront purchase price, and will also likely be able to be installed easily by the user (so saving the cost of hiring a plumber to install the part).

  • Standard-sized part fits most bidets. Again, this part is able to fit most standard toilets (in the United States). Be sure to check the dimensions of your toilet prior to purchasing this part, but you should be good to go if your toilet will fit a 15/16” part. Further, some users suggest the simple hack of using an o-ring to adjust the size if necessary.

  • Stylish brass body. The body of this device is made of solid brass which not only provides a stylish aesthetic for your skirted toilet, but it provides longevity and high quality as well. This compact part will fit well onto its connecting valve and should not need much upkeep. Due to its compact size, this t-valve connector is also ideal for toilets that do not have much space behind them to work (particularly for installation purposes).

Related Questions:

Problems with Installation of a Bidet T-Valve Connector?

So you have read the guide on how to install a t-valve connector to your toilet to transform it into a bidet, yet you are still having issues? Or perhaps you have just noticed that your bidet is leaking and it seems to be coming from the t-valve connector and/or the main valve. There are a variety of things to consider, but the main one for installation is likely the fit of the t-valve connector to the main valve. 

During installation, you will want to triple check that the t-valve connector is correctly placed and holds secure to prevent any leaking. This is important not only for sanitary purposes but for the comfort and practical use of your device. If you have noticed that your t-valve connector is leaking during installation, check to make sure that it is installed correctly.

One way to do this is to wiggle the t-valve connector by holding it directly below the nut that was just fixed. If it wiggles, it is likely that the threads of the fill valve have been chewed (if plastic) or stripped (if metal). To prevent this from happening, you will want to be extremely cautious when installing the t-valve connector as a slightly varied angle can make a dramatic impact on the successful installation of this device.

Consider using an o-ring if the device seems to be a little sticky when installing. Finally, be sure to pay heed to the t-valve connector as it screws on; this should happen with ease, and you should not hear any scraping or grinding, especially within the first four to five turns of the device.

If you hear scraping or grinding, stop and readjust to make sure it is properly aligned. Once you can hold the t-valve connector below the nut that was just fixed and it does not wiggle, then you will know that it has been properly installed and that this should not be a source of a leak. 

T-Valve Connectors for Bidets: Metal, Rubber, or Plastic?

When choosing which t-valve connector to purchase during the “toilet to bidet” transformation project, you will likely consider many factors prior to buying one. One factor to consider is what the device is made of. There are many pros and cons to each, but you should know that the most important thing to consider is not the substance material but the correct fit for your toilet. 

Metal is likely to last longer and be more of a quality material. Rubber is likely to prevent leaks as it is flexible and provides more of a malleable option to fit your toilet’s pipes. Plastic is likely what you will find with the valve piping, so it would match up. So, either of these options should work well theoretically.

However, you will want to pay the most attention to the measurement specifications of your already existing valves/plumbing and the device you are choosing to purchase, as a wrong fit can result in a malfunction of the toilet or bidet, or it can result in significant leaking problems.