Brondell Swash 1000 Toilet Bidet Review

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I am always searching for the newest and nicest bidet toilet seats that give you a bang for your buck. Brondell often makes this list as they include so many features, and have lots of model options to go with. Of course, the Swash 1000 is a luxury seat that I just had to try out to see if it was worth the money and hype.

As I go through the full review of the Swash 100 Bidet Seat, I am going to walk through its feature list and give a ranking of each one. This will include the appearance and size, submodel differences, installation, nozzle type, adjustable spray and pressure, rear and front wash, water heating, warm air dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, remote control, energy savings, warranty, and weight-bearing features. 

A while back, I posted a list of must-have bidet features here. This is the most complete list of bidet features on the market. Naturally, any seat that claims to be “luxury” should be compared to this list so I know exactly where it can rank on must-have features. This gives a good baseline for what features it has and does not have as well as a good comparison to other models.

The Swash 1000 Feature List

The Swash 1000 has an impressive number of features associated with it. It is not often that I come across a bidet seat that has a great look, an impressive number of features, and manages to do everything well. This isn’t to say this is the perfect seat for you as each feature differs. For more information, keep reading here.

Disclaimer: I try to make all reviews unbiased, and factual on my experience. If you want my final decision, check out the conclusion section at the bottom of the article. 

Appearance and Size

Appearance and sizing is something I take notice of immediately when looking into bidet seats. Fortunately, this one has a nice, sleek look that actually seems like it could be a luxury bidet seat. The seat claims to fit 98% of toilets. Unfortunately, my primary toilet is a pretty small one, but my half-bath has a larger one, so I opted to try it on the longer toilet (it was a better fit). Overall, I like the appearance a lot. I would give it high marks for looks.

Submodel Differences

This is almost more of a side note, but there are multiple submodels that are not immediately intuitive. Here is a quick rundown of them: 

  • EW=Elongated White
  • EW=Elongated Beige
  • RW=Round White
  • RB=Round Beige.


Installation was fairly easy, about as simple as most bidets. The difficult part, for me, was not having a proper outlet near my longer toilet. I live in an older home and had to install a ground fault outlet (not too difficult, but less than ideal). Overall, it was about 15 minutes other than the outlet issue, so I would still rate installation well if you have a good outlet nearby already!

Dual, Stainless-Steel, Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Once it was on, I wanted to test out the primary, most important features of a bidet – the nozzles. I love that there is a dual nozzle system and it is stainless-steel. This is not always the case, as you may know from shopping around. They are also self-sterilizing which I like, and if you read some other posts of mine you will know that the stainless steel is naturally cleaner. I rate the nozzle themselves and the sanitary functionality top marks for this model!

Adjustable Spray and Pressure

The adjustable spray function works fairly well. I would like to say it is super easy to use and definitely has a lot of functionality behind it! I like the simplicity. It was able to give a lot more pressure than I first expected, which is critical to getting a good clean. I was happy with the stream, though the spread/wide one was a little lacking in power for my taste.

Rear and Front Wash

The rear wash has been great- I feel clean after and am impressed with the adjustments. The front was good, but, to be honest, not the best I’ve ever felt. If you are in it for a front wash, this may not be the toilet seat for you. 

Water Heating

I LOVED this feature. I am rarely impressed when it comes to water heating, but I was super surprised by how quickly it heated up, and how easy it was to adjust (and how well it adjusted). This is one of the better water heating systems I’ve used. I would also like to say, it is unlimited heating. It heats on demand meaning that even for deep cleans it can keep giving. 

Warm Air Dryer

I must start this by saying: I have yet to find a bidet seat at an affordable price that has a great heated seat. If this is important to you, you will have to be willing to spend a lot more money on it. This is an offset heated dryer, that does as well as I could have hoped. Moral of the story: don’t leave yourself or guests without something to pat dry with. 


This feature worked okay. It didn’t impress me but it wasn’t bad. It was an average deodorizer that minimized scent (and probably air quality to some extent), but I wouldn’t make that the selling point of this seat. 

Heated Seat

This was a surprisingly good feature. While any heated seat works similarly, I was pleasantly surprised by the temperature and spread of this one! If you have never had a heated seat, it might seem weird the first time, but after a while, you will never want to go through a cold morning without it!

Remote Control

I like this remote a lot! It is super simple, easy to use, and has everything you need very conveniently located. The bidet was very responsive to it, and the buttons were easy to reach and press. I love the setting for pressure and temperature – it is so simple and works so well. 

Energy Savings

I don’t know the exact energy savings that are associated with this seat – but I can say it has an automatic eco-mode. The fact of the matter is, eliminating toilet paper (at least mostly) means you will save a lot of money each year. This is a low-cost model for sure when it comes to energy consumption. 


The warranty included is a standard, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is a pretty standard warranty, and knowing Brondell as a large company, you can expect a full replacement, but occasional, less-than-helpful service. This warranty would rate as very average among bidets. 


Something I noticed is that this bidet seat is rated for pretty substantial weight limits. Many bidet seats put a disclaimer at lower weights (I think to cover their bases) but this seat is very sturdy and I could tell it could hold most full-grown adults. 

Extra Notes: 

Before concluding, I wanted to list a few things that are either missing or just weren’t important enough for a full section. Here are the quick mentions. 

  • Gentle Close Lid:
    I don’t have this as a feature that is necessary, but I do enjoy gentle close lids. This is also just a preference for most people, as you do not have to worry about the lid slamming shut, and it is worth mentioning here. 
  • Not for Enema:
    This is not usually sought after (at least as a top priority), but I wanted to mention it in case. The stream, while thin, is not strong or directed enough to make this happen. For more on bidet enema check out my article here
  • No Memory Settings:
    This is one that I actually don’t care about, but many people could. If you are picky about your bidet and its features, and you share it, you may want to look out for this.


The Brondell Swash 1000 has almost any feature, setting, and style that you could need. From the general appearance (and appearance options) to the functionality, this bidet is a great choice for anyone. The price is also at a point where I don’t know of any other bidet that can compete with it for the money. This is definitely a top choice for me and I will be keeping my model!