Bio Bidet BB-600 Toilet Seat Review

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The Bio Bidet BB-600 is one of the most affordable bidet toilet seats that I have done an in-depth written review for. For the price, its features were definitely worthy of a full-length, honest review. When considering a bidet toilet seat but working on a tighter budget, this option offers a dose of luxury for a smaller price range.

This Bio Bidet BB-600 Toilet Seat review will cover a wide variety of features that this device has including its appearance and size, dual, self-cleaning nozzles, adjustable pressure and oscillation, a warm air dryer, water heating, a heated seat, energy savings, and a warranty. Also added to this review will be any cons and an unbiased conclusion.

If you have ever read one of my full-length reviews on a single seat before, then you know that I have some fairly rigorous standards when it comes to bidets and bidet toilet seats. Here is a  must-have bidet features guide that I have put together – the most comprehensive guide online that I have seen – with which I like to judge my bidets. 

The BioBidet BB-600 Review Feature List

As mentioned above, it is important to me that I provide you with an unbiased review of the features that come on various bidet options. While I acknowledge that I have my own preferences, I aim to include insight into features with universal appeal. Continue reading to learn more.

Appearance and Size

As I prefer (and need due to the toilet size in my home), I went with the elongated seat. To my knowledge, this does not affect the features in any way, shape, or form and is just a difference in size needed in the seat for the toilet. But please know that they have sizes that accommodate most toilets- something that will be important to pay attention to when reviewing for use within your own home.

One thing I love about this bidet toilet seat model is the appearance of a much nicer seat. While, unfortunately, it does not feel quite as “luxurious” as others I’ve reviewed, for the cost, it feels like a sturdy, high-end toilet seat. Since you might be operating on a lower bathroom budget, this could be a quality seat at a lower cost.

Dual, Self-Cleaning Nozzles

The dual, self-cleaning nozzle worked surprisingly well! You may already know that I am a fan of the stainless steel nozzles when it comes to bidets, but these dual nozzles worked very well and allow for both a feminine wash and a posterior cleaning spray. Overall, the cleanliness achieved rivals that of much more expensive luxury bidets that I have used. 

The nozzles are also self-cleaning, and though not as robust as the Bliss BB2000 clean, they still left themselves looking perfect. I also want to note – the nozzles have a very easy, quick release to change them out any time or clean them more in-depth. Since sanitation is a concern for obvious reasons, it is important to many users to be able to change out the nozzles for a manual clean every now and then.

Adjustable Pressure and Oscillation 

Adjustable pressure and oscillation is an important factor for almost everyone to take note of. Many affordable bidets have a single setting or maybe just a couple of settings. Between the dual-nozzle, oscillation, wide clean, pulsating, and massage settings you can get just about any type of clean and comfort you are looking for with this bidet toilet seat. 

Overall, this did the trick well. It was not as strong as some models, but it was much stronger than the average bidet toilet seat. I think the bubble-infusion that Bio Bidet tends to include in their stream is the perfect mix of air and water to add some power but not turn the stream into a jet. 

Warm Air Dryer

The adjustable warm air dryer on the BB-600 rivals that of bidets that are much more expensive. The ability to control the power and the heat is a feature that many people will find enjoyable. Overall, it did an excellent job for a bidet seat dryer. I would leave my top remarks here for this feature. 

Water Heating

The water heating is excellent and right on par with the temperature settings I had hoped for. I was pleasantly surprised to see how large the tank was, and I never had an issue with running out of warm water during a cleaning which is obviously the ideal situation. I have no complaints about this and it worked perfectly. 

Heated Seat

The heated seat was made to be compared to that of bidets triple its price. The temperature is adjustable and stays right on point for the entire time that I was on and off. Since this feature is one that has become more of a “standard” in modern bidets, I would say that this company did a good job incorporating this “basic” feature into this model of bidet toilet seat.

Energy Savings

One of the nicest features of this bidet was the automatic energy saving mode. It essentially goes into a “power saving mode” whenever it is not being used allowing it to maintain the seat and water temperature but not be as active with the rest of its features. This is perfect for the money-conscious buyers.

Since automatic energy-savings modes are common but not standard on the modern bidet, I thought it was neat that this company included this feature in a less expensive bidet toilet seat model. It definitely adds value long-term as you will save in your energy bills through decreased energy usage.


The warranty on this bidet toilet seat model is better than most bidets as it is 2-years. I always like to judge a company by their warranty with the mentality that if they are not willing to offer a long warranty – they probably do not truly believe in their product. A 2-year warranty is a reasonable amount to assume the company believes in its own products.

What are the cons?

Cons is a tough word when you are talking about an affordable, above-average bidet toilet seat. But there are a couple of features that would be standard on many bidets that are not present on this one. These may even be fairly important ones to some people- hence why they landed in the “cons” section.

  • No Remote Control
    This is not the end of the world for a lot of people, but if you are accustomed to it, or will have trouble reaching for the control panel attached to the seat, then this is an important feature to consider. Personally, this is the only thing I would add to this to make it possibly the best-valued bidet on the marketplace.
  • No Deodorizer
    This feature is one that is less important to many people. While it is an awesome bonus to have an automatic deodorizer, we are all used to using other methods to keep toilets from smelling, so not having this feature does not ruin the experience of the bidet in my opinion.
  • No Memory Settings
    Having a memory settings option is not an expected feature on most bidets, but I thought it important enough to note. If you have a lot of users (such as a bidet in a family home), then you may want to consider a bidet you do not need to set preferences for each time you want to use it.


Overall, if your budget is under $500, you should probably purchase the Bio Bidet BB-600. This is a great, affordable bidet by a company that is well-respected and trusted within the bidet world. The BB-600 gives you one of the best “bang for the buck” deals I have ever seen. The heating, spraying, and drying features were all on par with or better than many “Luxury” bidets, and the missing features are irrelevant for most people. 

If you are looking for a bit higher-end features for your bidet, or want some of the missing ones from this, consider getting the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 – possibly my top choice in bidet seats.