10 Best Luxury Bidets

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If you have experienced the world of toileting accompanied by a bidet, it is likely that you never want to turn back to the world that you previously know without it. Bidets offer a variety of benefits, but the comfort of the experience is one of the features that might have caught your attention. But, did you know that standard bidet use can get even better?

Luxury bidets offer features that you may have never even thought of such as smart technology, energy efficiency, heated seats, and adjustable features for the perfect spray pressure, temperature, and angle. This article on the 10 best luxury bidets will include a variety of bidets on the market that offer much more than traditional standalone bidets, and significantly more than the standard toilet.

With comfort, hygiene, and design in mind, you truly cannot go wrong with a luxury bidet. After all, there are few devices that you will use as much as you use your toilet each day; you might as well invest in one that offers a pleasant experience! Read below to discover some of the top luxury bidets on the market and see if one of them may be for you!

1. Ove Decors Smart Toilet

The Ove Decors Smart Toilet is a top electric luxury bidet. This toilet can be purchased through a variety of means- either through the manufacturer or through home improvement stores selling these types of products. The Ove Decors Smart Toilet offers a variety of features that you cannot pass up when searching for a luxury bidet.

The Ove Decors Smart Toilet offers the user a personalized, comfortable experience. Some of the features that qualify this bidet as luxury include its multifunctional remote control (for increased personalization with each use), adjustable nozzle, adjustable temperature for its heated seat, LED lighting, energy-efficient water-saving capacity, and sleek, compact design. This product does require an electric outlet, so be sure to check for this in your home prior to installation.

Coming in at $1799.00 (£1630.21), the Ove Decors is a great price for those who want luxury without setting themselves back. This happens to be on the lower end of the luxury bidet price range, also. However, a lower price for a luxury bidet does not necessarily imply that you are sacrificing features that will make your toileting experience remarkable. With the personalization and comfort of the Ove Decors Smart Toilet, you would regret passing up a deal like this!

2. Kohler K-5401-PA-0

Reviews for the Kohler K-5401-PA-0 include the descriptive words, “beautiful,” “sophisticated,” “stunning,” and “elegant.” We could not agree more! This luxury bidet comes with all of the perks that you might be searching for and then some. You may not have ever even heard of some of these features, but they will change your toileting experience forever. You will likely be seeking out this bidet regardless of how far you are from it in your home. 

Some of the features included with the Kohler K-5401-PA-0 luxury bidet are air drying with adjustable temperature, automatic flush (backed up with emergency flushing in case of a loss of electricity), touchscreen remote control, a nightlight, and hands-free functioning. This luxury bidet also includes a heated seat, and an adjustable nozzle and water functions to make your experience relaxed and comfortable. What is not to love about a luxury bidet that offers all of these functions and more?

Priced at $3975.00 (£3602.05), this Kohler is both affordable and stylish to give you the ultimate luxury. This price ranks more in the middle of the luxury bidet price range. The mid-range luxury bidets typically have a few extra gadgets and features. This particular luxury bidet sports the automatic functions as one of the top features that make it a luxury device. This is a great price for such a stylish and modern bidet!

3. Euroto Intelligent Smart Toilet

The Euroto Intelligent Smart Toilet is another luxury bidet that follows suit of its competitors. This device is truly remarkable and will change your toileting experience forever. In a world of “smart” devices that are quickly transforming “smart” homes, this device is among the top luxury “smart” devices worth the investment. Users would tell you, you are “smart” to purchase this luxury bidet!

Many features are included with the Euroto Intelligent Smart Toilet that make it a luxury product. Some of those include motion detection for automatic flush, an instantly heated seat, adjustable water temperature, a deodorizer, automatic seat opening/closing, and a massage wash option among many other features. If you are looking for a smart toileting experience, look no further than the Euroto Intelligent Smart Toilet.

The Eurto Intelligent Smart Toilet can be found at a cost of around $3699.00 (£3351.94). This falls into the mid-range price for luxury bidets, and it definitely has the technology to make it worth your investment! This “Smart” Toilet has advanced technology to create a personalized experience for each user, and the “hard” technology (aka the actual toilet design) is on the leading edge of luxury bidet technology as well.

4. Duavit with SensoWash

The Duravit with SensoWash is yet another luxury bidet that will leave you feeling refreshed after a visit to the true royal throne. This luxury bidet is equipped with many features that leave the user exceedingly grateful for having chosen this toileting experience. With the Duravit with SensoWash model, your behind is sure to thank you.

Some of the features included with the Duravit with SensoWash that bring it to the top of the luxury bidet world are its infrared sensor, lid and seat that close silently, user detection for easy use, a quick release for easy removal of the seat, LED lighting, heated washing and seat preferences, and a remote control among other features. These features bring this device to the top of the market for luxury bidets. You are sure to be happy with the purchase of this product.

At just $1653.00 (£1497.91), the Duavit with SensoWash is the most affordable option on this list. Despite the price, it is still fully loaded with great features. This luxury bidet has many of the features that other luxury bidets are proud of, too. Its lower price does not take away from many of those features, so consider yourself lucky for having found such a great deal. This device is a great one to choose for sure.


The AXENT.ONE C Plus is actually an award-winning luxury bidet, and it is not difficult to see why! This device has a modern design that is more sleek and compact than many of its other competitors. This luxury bidet absolutely brings the “luxury” component to life in any modern bathroom. You will be thankful to have experienced the luxury brought forth through the use of a bidet like this. After you use this bidet for the first time, you may never be able to look at or use another bidet again!

A few of the features that make the AXENT.ONE C Plus one of our top picks for luxury bidets are the heating features for a nice warm sit, wash, and dry, a nightlight, a mobile app that offers even more customizability paired with the remote control, automatic flushing sensors, a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, and antimicrobial technology to keep the bidet as clean and fresh as possible. There are several other factors that add to this device’s value, but those are a few of our favorite features on this one. Feel free to check out many of the other amazing features on the product’s website.

The AXENT.ONE C Plus comes in at a price of around $5699.99 (£5165.19). This is on the higher end of the price range for luxury bidets, but the price tag is definitely equivalent to the value that this luxury bidet will bring to your life. Uniquely, this device offers some of the most advanced technology for keeping your device clean for the longest period of time. While other bidets are sure to include hygienic factors, this device has advanced the technology to propose longer periods of time between when manual cleaning (by you) would be required. If that does not sell you on this device, I am not sure what will.

6. Inax Shower Toilets

Inax Bidets are always on the cutting edge of bidet technology. This company constantly does user research and upgrades its technology accordingly in order to bring the most comfortable and sanitary experience to its users. When using a device daily, it is important to get the most “bang for your buck” if you will- especially in an experience that is rather personal. The Inax Shower Toilet does just this!

There are many features that make this luxury bidet rank as a top choice for us, but our favorites include the foam cushion to reduce urine splashing, automatic seat closing, a triple vortex flush, adjustable water heat, force, and angles, and an air-shield deodorizer to name a few. Another bonus that is included is that due to the reputation of Inax Bidets, you are sure to have excellent customer support should you ever need assistance with this device. Although most users report that this device works rather seamlessly after installation, you will have customer support just in case.

Pricing is not disclosed as openly on the Inax Shower Toilet, however, with some digging, you will find that they are priced between $7,000 and $10,000 (£6343.22 – £9061.75). This is on the higher end of the luxury bidet price range, but you definitely get what you pay for with this device. With the customization options, technology that is embedded into the bidet bowl itself, and a great customer service representation, you are sure to get your money’s worth from this luxury bidet.

7. Toto Neorest 700H 

Toto has an impressive lineup of Neorest bidet toilets, but the 700H stands out for the luxurious experience that it offers its users. From the sleek design to the automatic flushing you will be living like a king with the use of this bidet. This company is also sure to consider (and even uses in its advertisements) the needs of all demographics. The Toto Neorest 700H is designed with “you” in mind, regardless of your height, weight, age, and other varying characteristics that may change your bidet experience.

Several luxury features included with the Toto Neorest 700H include its automatically opening and closing lid and seat, auto flush technology, EWATER+ electrolyzed water bidet cleansing system, dual flush technology (saving up to 45% of water used on every flush), heated seat and water, an easy-to-use remote control, and more. This company has developed a product that is at the top-notch of performance, reliability, and efficiency- all while maintaining a positive experience for its users.

The Toto Neorest 700H prices around $4865.00 (£4408.54) hitting the mid-range price tag for luxury bidets. This amazing device absolutely lives up to its hype- and its price tag. The mid-range luxury bidets are a sweet spot for those who are looking for all of the perks and a price tag that reflects it. With the energy efficiency in this device, also, you are looking for an even higher payout with overall bidet value.

8. Toto G400

The Toto G400 is a more affordable option compared to the Neorest 700H, but it still offers the high-end luxury similar to other luxury bidets that have been included on this list. The lower cost may signify that it has a few features detracted compared to the Toto Neorest 700H, but you can rest assured that this product is still at the top of the line in luxury bidets.

A few of the features that we like about the Toto G400 include the use of a pre-mist to help to eliminate waste from the bowl 80% more effectively than without the use of a pre-mist, automatically opening and closing lid, self-cleaning nozzle, adjustable water spray functions, a dryer, and an automatic flushing mechanism. This luxury bidet also includes a 3D tornado flush feature to be sure to remove any trace of urination or defecation left behind by the user; the deodorizer will take care of the rest to be sure that your experience is contained.

The Toto G400 is another more affordable luxury bidet priced at only $1899.00 (£1720.83)- one of the luxury bidets listed that is on the lower range of the price list. This device, similar to its competitors, does not compromise overall value for a few bucks, though. This device offers supreme efficiency, an incredible user experience, and is bound to have the perks you are looking for in a luxury toileting experience.

9. Bio Bidet IB835

This fully-integrated bidet spares no expense for features. The Bio Bidet IB835 should absolutely be included in the lists of luxury bidets as it continues to meet all of the high marks of reviewers and users. The Bio Bidet IB835 is a top choice for luxury bidets and comes with many of the features that have become standard in the luxury bathroom world. From a heated seat to a remote, this bidet is a great addition to any home.

Some of the other features we particularly like about this model is its ability to be adjusted to a “kids” setting, adjustable nozzle functions, of course its heated seat and remote control functions, automatic flush option, and a great blow dryer that many users say is among the top that they have used in the bidet world. This luxury bidet is sure to leave you feeling fresh, dry, and clean after using it just once or daily in your home.

The Bio Bidet IB835 is currently selling for roughly $5200 (£4,712.11) from different sellers on Amazon. You may be able to find this luxury bidet selling through the manufacturer itself or other home improvement stores. Either way, this device’s price tag falls into the mid- to high-end of the luxury bidet price range. However, the features that are included with this luxury bidet definitely demonstrate that it is the top of the line. For households with varying ages, this bidet is particularly beneficial due to the different settings options you are able to select.  

10. Swarovski Crystal Toilet

Embedded with 72,000 crystals, the Swarovski Crystal Toilet is the world’s most expensive bidet toilet estimated at $105,000 (£84,000). It may be difficult to even imagine a device that is worth that much, but this device creates a toilet experience that is unlike anything in this world. The Swarovski Crystal Toilet will make you think that your poop truly does not stink- and that is not just because of a deodorizer included.

This bidet is not one that a common user will choose to invest in due to its incredibly high price tag. However, the device itself is worth checking out! It was originally designed as part of a showcase for bathroom and home design which was held in Shanghai in 2015. You likely have never gawked (in amazement) at a toilet before, but you are sure to do so with this incredibly shiny device.