17 Must-Have Bidet Features

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If you have read about all of the amazing benefits of having a bidet, you may be seriously considering getting one. Bidets offer a level of cleanliness and comfort that traditional methods of cleaning after the use of a toilet do not. 

When looking to purchase a bidet, there are many features that can be added on both as niceties and as must-haves. This article on 17 must-have bidet features will describe some of qualities in a bidet that are worth investing in including a heated seat, remote control, energy savings, adjustable water pressure/temperature/angle of spray, nozzle qualities to look for, settings and wash features, a warranty, and a night light among others. 

Bidet purchasing prices vary with included features, so consider your own cost-benefit analysis based on the described features and your budget. The features that are listed are in random order but are also listed including those features that are commonly found among most modern bidets. As you begin your hunt for your bidet, be sure to check out the following must-have bidet features prior to selecting the bidet that is right for you and your family’s needs.

Heated Seat

One of the most common and enjoyable features of a bidet is the ability to have a warm seat. Particularly at night, sitting down and not having an ice-cold seat against your hind side is a great feature. This is particularly good for those who get woken up by the drastic coolness of a standard toilet seat and have difficulty falling back asleep. 

Heated seats are common among many modern bidets. Generally, a heated seat will be of the electric bidet variety, so be sure that your bidet will be located near an appropriate plug prior to installation. The same could be said about many of the features included with modern bidets. It is important to verify whether or not you would prefer and/or have access to the appropriate plugs/plumbing required for electric or non-electric bidet installation before you choose the bidet that is right for you.

Adjustable Water Temp

The ability to adjust the water temperature is more than just having warm water. Each user can adjust the temperature for his or her specific needs. This means on hot days you can have a cool and refreshing flow, and on cold days you can choose to keep it warm. Another medical benefit to this feature is the ability to adjust for your specific needs. If you have a rash or irritation, you can use a cool flow to soothe it and eliminate the need for any extra wiping to the area while helping it to feel better and be less irritated. 

The only downside to this feature is that it may take a few moments to heat up. If you are worried about the heat up time for your bidet water, you may test the device prior to use. Simply place your hands over where the water stream will come out (since the bidet water is as clean as your sink’s water), and test if the temperature, pressure, and angle of the spray are right for you.

Remote Control

Having a remote control is a feature of a bidet that is not as well known. While many people do not see a strong value-added to having a remote for their bidet, it can be incredibly helpful. Bidets’ features are often on the side of the toilet or the back, which makes adjusting uncomfortable and a little bit difficult after being seated (and especially if you have already completed your toilet business).

Using a bidet with a remote will allow you to change the temperature, angle, and pressure of the bidet spray functions without having to stretch or get up and down. This is especially helpful for those who have difficulty bending or getting up and down such as those with limited mobility, those recovering from a medical procedure, or those who have an increased fall risk. 

Energy Savings

Many people today are concerned with saving energy- both for their own electric bills as well as for the environment. Understandably so, adding another device to your home would prompt concerns for the energy use that is required to power it (especially for electric bidets). Fortunately, energy-saving qualities exist with many modern bidets.

Not only are you helping the environment through the reduction of energy required to produce and decompose toilet paper, but you can actually find bidets that save energy within your home, too. For energy-saving features, check for any temperature sensor or cleansing feature that may be able to reduce the amount of energy that your bidet (which uses little electricity anyways) may use.

Adjustable Pressure

The hallmark of a bidet is its ability to spray water towards your genitalia for cleansing purposes. For many, this is a daunting initial thought – to have anything spraying in that region. The ability to adjust the water is a great feature, especially for people who are wary of the bidet. This allows you to have a nice, comfortable amount of water spraying you on your own terms of what is “nice” and “comfortable”. For some, this may be a strong flow, while for others it is more gentle.

Adjustable water pressure is also becoming common, which is great even for budget bidet shoppers – to be able to choose the option that is most comfortable for each user. With an adjustable water pressure feature, you will have a bidet experience that is specified to your particular needs and desires.


Bidets with deodorizers are an amazing feature for any household. The way it works is by sucking in the air from inside the toilet and passing it through a carbon filter. This does not add a nice scent to the air as traditional sprays use for covering up – rather, it removes the scent completely. The deodorizer does not mask but destroys traces of the smelly contaminants that are left in it.

The carbon filters remove the germs and scent from the air and then allow it out on the other side – keeping the bathroom smelling fresh, clean, and lacking evidence of you having ever used it. This is great for everyone. Guests will be happy to not worry about their bowel movements causing a smell, and multi-person households will be able to rest assured that there is not going to be a lingering smell for other people. 

Air Dryer (heated)

While air dryers on bidets have not been perfected yet, they are still a great feature to have and do work to dry you most of the way off. Traditional bidets will require you to pat down with a cloth or paper towel after experiencing the spraying function. With a heated air dryer, you will be able to just sit and relax for an extra couple of minutes while you dry off without having to move.

It is true that heated air dryers on bidets do not always work perfectly, but you can be assured that there are good ones on the market, and any will save you at least some amount of patting dry. This is not only eco-friendly, but it also saves you money and helps with people who struggle to wipe for any reason (such as medical concerns, limited mobility, etc.). 

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

A self-cleaning nozzle feature is great for obvious reasons – you have to do less (and less regular) cleaning of your bidet. A nozzle that is self-sanitizing also helps to prevent the spread of germs which could be one of the hesitations you may have of getting or using a bidet in the first place.

Spraying nozzles are cleaned in a variety of fashions depending on the type of bidet you have purchased. It could make use of UV lights, warm water running over itself, nanotechnology of various forms, infrared lights, or even chemical inserts that self-spray. This is a great feature for anyone who is regularly sharing a toilet – allowing you to not worry about having to clean it each time you use it. 

Stainless Steel Nozzle

While surveys have not studied bidet nozzles specifically, there have been many studies showing that that plastic is less sanitary than stainless steel. Plastic nozzles tend to have more pieces, therefore crevices for germs to hide. On top of this, stainless steel has a non-porous surface that makes it difficult for germs or bacteria to hang onto it at all.

Stainless steel will undoubtedly assist in keeping your bidet nozzle clean so that you are able to have a more sanitary experience overall. Rest assured, though, that bidet manufacturers consider hygiene a top priority in the bidet experience regardless of nozzle choice.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

An adjustable nozzle position is most definitely a must-have feature for any bidet buyer. Adjustable nozzles make the entire experience better and more practical for use with various people. Everyone sits differently on toilets, and we all know that people come in different shapes and sizes.

An adjustable nozzle can help to reach and clean areas on each person as needed. This can also help avoid discomfort in areas that you do not want to be sprayed, and it saves you the time and difficulty of moving around the seat. So, be sure that your bidet has an adjustable nozzle position as it almost seems senseless to purchase a bidet without one.

Memory Settings

This is a feature that is a must-have for any multi-person household. All the above settings can be set into different users or numbers so that you are able to automatically have your preferences.

Memory settings can be particularly important if you were expecting a soft, warm spray and are suddenly experiencing a strong, cold spray (and in the wrong area to boot). Memory settings are not common on bidets and bidet seats, but they can be found and are well worth the money. 

Front/Back Wash

A front/backwash feature on a bidet is about as basic as it can get. This feature is referring to the areas of your genitalia that it is washing. The front wash portion is particularly designed for female users, seeking to help rinse and cleanse the front genital region.

The backwash portion is designed for all users and is angled to help wash the rear near the anus. Be sure to check that the bidet you are choosing to purchase has a front/back wash spray feature if you are looking to use a bidet appropriately.


Purchasing a product with a warranty is a common practice for many people. But, did you know that you can purchase a bidet that comes with a warranty as well? This is an important question to ask yourself, particularly if you are hoping to be able to return the device if anything is wrong with it. 

Most bidets come with warranties that guarantee against manufacture errors, broken, or misplaced parts. Bidets warranties traditionally expand to the original owner or purchaser of the product, so be sure to check with the company you are purchasing from for details regarding their product warranty. 


A nightlight is not a feature that comes on every standard bidet. However, I am sure you can imagine how helpful this feature would be if you are planning to use a bidet at night. Rather than having to turn on all of the lights in your bathroom (which will already wake you up enough), you can simply use the nightlight feature to ensure that you are cleansing all desired surface areas. 

The nightlight feature is also helpful for spotting any areas that may not have been cleansed as well in the first place. You can simply use this feature to shine on the regions you are cleaning and then continue to rinse any areas that you may have missed. While this feature is not always included, once you have used it, you will likely not want to turn back.


A weight-bearing feature is important to consider regardless of how much you or your family members/future guests may weigh. Some bidets do not feature a weight-bearing seat, so you are required to either lean or hover over the device. You can imagine how uncomfortable this would be, and would likely discourage many people from choosing to use the device. 

Bidets that are designed to be weight-bearing keep the user in mind. You will be able to sit on a weight-bearing bidet for however long you like without risk of breaking the device. This can be particularly comforting for heavier users, as you will not have to fear exceeding a weight limit while experiencing a wash to your most intimate parts.

Oscillation and Multi-Nozzles

While oscillation and multi-nozzles are very different, the purpose of each is similar – to cover more surface area during the wash portion of your bidet experience. Whether you decide you would rather have an oscillating nozzle, or two nozzles, you should choose what is right for you (and likely what is right for your family members/future guests).

The sensations that come from these different nozzles are varying, but both can help you to achieve a full wash that is comfortable and reaches all of the necessary areas. Oscillation and multi-nozzles can help diligent bidet users to know that they have successfully washed all portions that they were aiming for and can then move on to the drying stages of the bidet experience.

Eco Mode

Eco mode is similar to the energy-saving features we discussed before. There are many different features that may come with a particular bidet’s eco mode. However, there are several common ones that all aim to reduce the energy usage of your bidet or bidet toilet seat.

Commonly, you will see that eco mode is a feature in which the temperature of your bidet’s seat is dropped or the water usage is lowered so as to preserve the energy required to provide either of these functions. Be sure to check your bidet’s product guide to know how and when to use eco mode on your device.

Why Selecting Bidet Features is Important?

If you are planning on purchasing a bidet, it is likely that you will use this device daily- and even more likely that you will use it multiple times per day. Due to this, it is recommended that you choose the features on your bidet with a good amount of research in mind.

You may consider the cost-benefit analysis of choosing to spend a little more money on features that will really pay off. For example, the comfort of a heated seat is not required to do your business and then rinse off; however, it certainly makes a difference when you are using this feature every time that you use your bidet.

While not all of the features listed above are absolutely required for the common use of the device, they are becoming more regular and important for standard use of the modern bidet. With that in mind, you can see how the continued updates will be relevant to you as you expand your bidet-use experience for yourself and those you love.

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